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Longarm Quilting Services       Celebrating 10 Years of Longarming in 2024!

Take the stress out of trying to quilt your patchwork tops and let us quilt it for you. There is no need to scramble around trying to layer up your quilt, our machine does that for you. We offer a computerised pantograph service (edge to edge design). This ensures the design you choose is excecuted to perfection. Our Longarm Quilting studio is always clean and smoke and pet free to ensure that your treasured quilt is finished off to the highest standards.


We offer a wide choice of thread and colours to choose from and this is included in our pricing.


Wadding - you can use your own or purchase from ourselves.


Backing Fabrics - We stock a range of wide backing fabrics so that you do not have to join fabrics together.


Thread - As we try and keep our prices as low as possible, Solid ColourThread is included in the pricing. If however you would like varigated thread, there is a cover charge of £12 for Kingsize, £10 for a double, £8 for a single £5 for lap sizes.



Simple Pantograph

£20  per square yard when backing & wadding purchased from

Quilt Sandwich.    Equivalent rate - 0.01543 pence per square inch 


£22 per square yard otherwise.  Equivalent rate - 0.01698 pence per square inch



min charge - £30  all prices inc of VAT 

Choose from our extensive designs of simple pantographs to complement your quilt.  These designs are quicker to quilt than the medium or complex ones, but still professionally completed and indeed sometimes a quilt only calls for a simple design so as not to distract from the beautiful quilt designs. 


We will help you choose if you would like assistance.


A free motion meander is also available for quilts which have areas to be avoided - eg applique, embroidery etc.

Medium  Pantograph

£24 per square yard when backing & wadding purchased from Quilt Sandwich.

Equivalent rate - 0.1852 pence per square inch

£26 per square yard otherwise - Equivalent rate - 0.02006 per square inch


 Complex Pantograph


£26 per sq yard when backing and wadding purchased from Quilt Sandwich.

Equivalent rate - 0.2006 pence per square inch


£28 per sq yard otherwise - Equivalent rate - 0.2160 per square inch

min charge - £30   all prices inc of VAT 


The medium patterns take much longer than the simple and are less dense than the complex.  The Complex are generally more densly quilted and required more quilting time and thread.







Finishing Services


Trim Quilt - £5

Trim Quilt & sew binding to top only -  £1.20 per linear foot

Totally finish quilt - £2.50 per linear foot


min charge - £30  all prices inc of VAT 

You can choose to have your quilt returned straight from the longarm quilt frame or trimmed down ready for binding.


We can also machine on a two and a quarter inch double binding to the front of your quilt with mitred corners ready for you to hand stitch on the back or we can complete the whole job for you so your quilt is fully completed when its returned. The choice is yours.


£7 per square yard when backing & wadding purchased from Quilt Sandwich.

£9 per square yard otherwise.


min charge - £30   all prices inc of VAT 


If you want to hand quilt your quilt, we can layer it up and baste it for you with the size advantage of the longarm quilt machine.


This can be done in either a square grid or large meander design. You can then just snip every few stiches and remove the tacking when ready.


We can even offer washaway thread should you require it.

How to calculate quilting

Some longarmers provide a simple table of prices, but if you don’t know how to calculate it, you don’t know how much you are paying!

So the simple calculation is…

Size of Quilt in inches – eg 70 x 90  multiply together 70*90 = 6300 Divide by magic number 1296 = 4.861 Square yards.  Multiply this by the quilting rate eg £20 = £97.22.


So if a table of prices is provided and we know the rate for 70 x 90 is £120 how do we work out the rate per square yard?

We know that 70 x 90 is 4.861 sq yards so simply take the £120 and divide it by 4.861 = £24.69 per square yard.


A handful of longarmers also add to the confusion by charging by the square inch rather than yard.

For example 2.5p per square inch

So 70 x 90 = 6300 x 0.025  = £157.50 

157.50 / 4.861  =   £32.40 per sq yard

So the moral of the story is quilting rate varies tremendously around the UK and its not always the most experienced who are charging the higher rates! 2.5p per sq inch does not sound much but in this example is the most expensive option. After all – we always ask how much the fabric is, so make sure you know how much the quilting really is.

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