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Longarm Quilting UK in East Yorkshire     -   Celebrating 10 years of longarming in 2024!

There are many businesses offering a longarm quilting service in Yorkshire England UK, however, we are the only longarm quilting business with the service in East Yorkshire and Bridlington in particular.  Additionally there are also many different longarm quilt businesses offering the service with different types of Longarm Quilt Machine including Gammill, Nolting and APQS, however out of the machines on the market ours is the most up to date and robust being the ABM Innova Longarm quilt machine.  Our ABM Innova longarm quilt machine is the first in the UK to have the incorporation of the Autopilot System.


Many longarm quilting store machines now offer a computerised Pantograph system, however the ABM Innova with​ the Autopilot system has many hundreds of Longarm Quilt Pantograph patterns for use on the Longarm quilt machine making it extremely versatile and efficient.  For this reason our prices are some of the most competitive on the market with the finished product being second to none.


The word Pantograph implies a pattern which either the computer attached to the longarm quilt machine follows or a paper pattern which the operator follows using a laser pointer.  There are many hundreds of Longarm Quilting Patterns available for purchase, either to download from websites such as Urban Elementz or in paper form Urban Elementz or Sewthankful.


The absolutely awesome thing about completing peoples quilts from the point when they bring in their patchwork top and then see the result after the longarm quilt machine has done its magic is the real thanks that you get from them.


We have already had the pleasure in completing two quilts on our longarm quilt machine which will be entered into The Harrogate Quilt Show this year - and will hopefully win some good prizes.  Such a privilege - thank you.


We have been running quilt retreats for several years.


A quilt retreat is where a group of quilters get together to make quilts and learn differnent techniques. These can be longarm quilted by Quilt Sandwich when they have been made on a quilt retreat here at The Royal Brildington.  Unlike Doughtys we are a small business with a Big Stock.


Many quilters consider that sheeting fabric is fine for quilt backs.  However, the best fabric for quilt backs due to its manufacture is 100% cotton extra wide quilt back fabric.  This is distinctly different from sheeting fabric.


There are many different types of quilt store retreats - ones with teachers and ones without.  We offer both types of quilt retreats. The next move from where we are is the demand we are receiving for a 'Me Time' patchwork craft and quilt retreat.  Many of the work completed on these retreats will no doubt end up being quilted on a longarm quilt machine and we sincerely hope that we can finalise your patchwork top for you to create the completed quilt.


In my quilt shop I also stock a wide range of extra wide quilt backings which are 108 wide fabric. These are extra wide quilt backings. We have a fantastic range of range of extra wide backing fabrics for quilt backs.  And of course to commence your patchwork top we have the Moda Scrap Bags.  These moda scrap bags are as good as a Moda Jelly roll but you will find the moda scrap bags are much much better value.  The Moda Scrap Bags are avaiable in many colour ways just ask for details and see the pictures of the moda scrap bags in the Quilt Shop.


There are of course other quilt shops such as Doughty's Online, Ladysewandsew, new-threads, thebramblepatch and Cottonpatch however their stock in their online quilt shop doesn't come close to the variation and value of our stock of Extra Wide Quilt Backings.  Doughtys and Cottonpatch also have built up a reputation of having items on their store which are out of stock.


In we have the largest selection of traditional Indonesian Batic Batik Extra Wide Fabrics in our quilt store.

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