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Quilts delivered to ourselves will be examined and measured on numerous points before any work is commenced on them and we will agree the type of longarm quilting to be produced on a quote sheet which shall be agreed and signed by both parties (physically or digitally).  This will form the basis of the agreement and charging for the quilting and any addition service.


Please ensure that your quilt is properly prepared for Longarm Quilting.  The process of Longarm Quilting is straight forward although the top quilt top does need to be precisely completed to ensure a successful outcome.


A deposit of £20 per quilt is payable before any work will be commenced.  


The longarm quilting price will be agreed before any work is commenced.


Full payment (with cleared funds) must be received prior to collection of the quilt.


Debit cards and credit cards are accepted. 

If we consider that the quilt top requires additional work to prepare it for longarm quilting then we will discuss this with you. If you are happy for me to progress and do additional work then this will be charged to you at £30 per hour. Examples may be joining backing fabric, washing and pressing backing, squaring corners or securing seams.

Non Collection of Quilts - If your quilt is not collected /shipped within 2 months of being notified its ready, we reserve the right to charge for storage. If the item is still not collected/shipped within 6 months of the finish date, we reserve the right to resell to recoup our losses.

Admin charges (min £20) may apply to cover time & losses for returning cancelled orders. 





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