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How to Prepare your Quilt for Longarm Quilting

Quilt Top


First of all examine your quilt top. Check all seams are joined together correctly. Check that it lays flat. Fold it in half in both directions to check that it is 'square' and hangs well.


Trim all loose threads from the front and back.


If your quilt top has a pieced border, please stitch around the quilt top approx 1/8th inch from the edge. This helps stabilise the top on the frame.


If your quilt has borders, check that these are even and do not contain too much material, which will cause flouncing on the frame.


If your quilt top has a final border, try and allow a little extra width, so that your quilted top can be trimmed to make a perfect straight edge ready for your binding. If you have inserted a flange, please sew this down.

If your quilt has a flange, I suggest you sew this down as the machine foot can get stuck or flip the flange the wrong way. Also flanges tend to not sit very well when intermittent quilting.


If you are choosing a directional pattern, please clearly mark the top of your quilt top.


Press your top well.




Backing fabric needs to be at least 4 inches larger than the quilt top in all four directions - left, right, top and bottom.  There is no need to trim backing down to this size - all spare will be returned. Please ensure edges are straight & square as this is needed to load on the frame.


If you are joining fabric then please make the joining seam around 1/2 inch wide and press seam open. Selvedges should of course be removed. Also ensure this fabric is square (ie has corners at 90 degrees).


Polycotton and sheets do not make good quilt backing. If in doubt, please ask. We also have a range of extra wide backings available.


Press backing fabric.





Wadding also needs to be at least 4 inches larger than your quilt top.  You can supply your own or purchase from our selection.  Wadding on a roll is preferable to precut ones that are packed in individual bags.  If you want to use one of these, please ensure you remove from the packaging and hang out for several days prior, to remove all the creases.




We have a wide range of thread and colours which can be used to contrast or match your quilt. We will be happy discuss this with you.


Finishing Service


If you wish us to apply a binding, please supply sufficient fabric. ie 2.25 inches x the perimeter of your quilt plus at least 12 inches extra for joining and corners.


Personal Service


We are happy to meet in person and discuss your requirements, please call for a suitable appointment.

Too Far to Visit?

Not a problem.

Contact us (email is fine) to let us know that you want to send us a top for quilting. Please remember to include your contact details and any requirements.

When the top arrives we will email to confirm safe arrival. 

If you have selected some backing fabrics we will photograph your top with them and email you so you can make your decision. We then liaise re wadding, pattern, thread and finishing.

Once we have all the details agreed and we have finished your quilt, we will contact you again to let you know its ready for shipping and confirm the cost.

Full payment must be received before the quilt is shipped.

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